Microsoft Teams Hacked: Another Reason Not To Trust Third Party Apps

04 Aug

Another Reason To Dislike Teams

This week, it was revealed that Microsoft Teams had been compromised by hackers. The hackers used the chat function built into teams to phish for user data and to gain access to the accounts. Once access was obtained, the hackers were able to access the target’s physical computer. The hackers stole files, personal information, financial information, and even sensitive information from computers owned by US government agencies. According to a research report from Redmond’s Threat Intelligence team, the hacking team is linked to the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (also known as the SVR) and has been caught targeting government, non-government organizations (NGOs), IT services, technology, discrete manufacturing, and media sectors. Microsoft has flagged the actor as ‘Midnight Blizzard’ (formerly Nobelium) and warns that the group is using already hacked Microsoft 365 tenants owned by small businesses to create new domains that appear as technical support entities.

The Significance

Microsoft Teams is used by a wide range of businesses, institutions, and facilities across a wide range of industries. From the government, to finance, to healthcare, Microsoft Teams is relied upon for communications and messaging. This recent attack using the Teams platform shows that there is significant risk with using third party apps for communication; especially in a healthcare setting where hacks and other vulnerabilities have the potential to cripple operations. Chat applications used in healthcare settings should be secure, unreachable from questionable places around the world, and completely self-contained. There should be no risk that a bad actor from another nation can access the platform, and start farming for user data.

CaseTrak360’s Internal Messaging System

CaseTrak360 now offers a complete video conferencing and messaging system, built directly into its software, allowing your facility to increase security, improve communications, and save money. CaseTrak360’s messaging system allows you to connect with vendors, colleagues, and employees, regardless of their location, in a self-contained, secure system. The messaging system built into CaseTrak360 runs in the cloud on AWS, as does the video conferencing system. This makes it immune to cyber-attacks that would otherwise affect systems on a facility’s local network. CaseTrak360 is secured using military grade encryption, and your data is not collected and sold to marketers like with other video conferencing platforms. With CaseTrak360’s messaging system you can be sure that your communications will be safe, and no information of any kind will be released to 3rd parties.

Self-Contained and Safe

What makes CaseTrak360’s messaging system uniquely safe is the fact that it is self-contained. It does not communicate with any services outside of the CaseTrak360 instance it is built into. It does not connect to the open internet outside of the software, and it does not allow outside individuals to connect to it. This makes it incredibly secure, and invisible to almost all threats. You can’t attack what you can’t see, and you can’t probe what you can’t access. Only registered subscribers of a specific CaseTrak360 license can use the messaging system. Learn more about the security and peace of mind built into CaseTrak360 by scheduling a demo with us today.


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