20 Sep
CaseTrak360 is a highly advanced instrument tracking program. It provides real time updates on the status and disposition of sets and items, provides instructions on how to clean and assemble them, tracks everything with scannable barcodes, provides detailed reports, tracks equipment and maintenance, and more. Case Medical, at the time, was looking to upgrade its ERP system to something more…
11 Sep
Being able to track your sets and instruments is extremely important to having a smooth and efficient OR. The ability to see where your instruments are, at a button press, gives you a game-changing level of control over your SPD. However, simply knowing where something is in your facility misses a lot of other information that managers and administrators need…
28 Aug
There are several companies out there that make instrument tracking software, and they all have hefty price tags. Worst of all, the price you are quoted for the license to use the software doesn’t include all of the other charges you will face...


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