25 Nov
SPD is the service arm of the hospital, serving the OR and other critical departments in the health care facility. SPD is responsible for thorough decontamination, packaging, inspection, sterilization and transport to their customers in the OR, which include patients who trust their well being to staff processing the necessary equipment and devices .Just image the time and effort required…
22 Nov
On November 25th 2019 a prominent hospital in Indiana issued a press release. More than 1,000 of their patients between April and September of 2019 had been exposed to HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B due to an error in sterile processing. A technician had missed a key step, in a multi-step processing procedure, for an instrument that left it…
21 Nov
On December 10th 2019 Hackensack Meriden health, New Jersey’s largest hospital network, was attacked by hackers. The hackers seized control of vital computer systems, locked out applications, encrypted files, and brought the entire health network to its knees. Doctors and nurses couldn’t look up medical information to treat their patients, lab work couldn’t be completed, hundreds of surgeries had to…


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