21 Mar
This week, it was reported that cyber-attacks were targeting water and wastewater systems throughout the US. The U.S. EPA has set up a task force to assist at risk facilities, as many do not even have basic cyber security protections.
18 Dec
Recently, it was announced by 23andMe that their systems were compromised and millions of users had their data stolen by “hackers”. This data includes their names, addresses, billing information, genetic data, and data about their relatives and family tree. Truly, this is the purest form of identity theft as the literal genetic identities of users, and information about their family…
04 Dec
Recently, news broke of a ransomware attack crippling a hospital system in New Jersey; the attack was so bad that the facility had to divert patients to other facilities. Now, a hospital system in Tennessee is dealing with a ransomware attack that has taken 30 hospitals offline, again forcing patients to be diverted...


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