SPD Managers

CaseTrak360 For SPD Managers

CaseTrak360 empowers SPD managers with insights about their department, like never before, covering everything from real time tracking of sets/items, to employee performance, machine status, and everything in between. Make your SPD efficient, accurate, and safe.

Improve The Performance of Your SPD

-Faster processing times with step by step instructions
-Real time tracking of all sets/items
-Direct messaging between OR and SPD
-Detailed reporting
-Track performance and maintenance requirements for all equipment
-Manage loaner and consignment inventory


Interactive Queue
Provides information about each set/item processed in order of priority for rapid turnaround
Detailed Instrunctions
Provides instructions and alerts for decontaminating instrument sets and critical items
Machine Tracking
Displays load information and alerts for correct machine and cycle selection

Prep and Pack

Interactive Queue
Lists all sets/items in prep and pack in order of need based upon turnaround and OR preference
Faster Assembly
Displays content sheet, assembly instructions as well as pictures, video and a direct link to One Source for IFU
Track Missing/ Repair Items
Records the disposition of items missing or in need of repair on count sheet and guides technicians to locate alternative items


Interactive Queue
Highlights items in order of priority for technicians to process and alerts staff when items have been sterilized
Detailed Instructions
Prevents errors by providing sterilizer, cycle parameters and when biological indicators are required for release
Tracking of All Loads
Identifies when steam or low temperature sterilization is applied and records all items/sets for IUSS

Barcode Scanning Speeds Up Workflow

CaseTrak360 uses QR codes to track sets/items to machines, storage locations, and to the operating room.
CaseTrak360's unique bar code provides more information including visual representations, than other systems with 1D barcodes
CaseTrak360 is compatible with many makes and models of barcode scanners. Check system requirements below.
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