CTO/CIO/IT Manager

CaseTrak360 For The CTO/CIO/IT Manager

Cloud based and cost effective. Designed to run on most platforms.
Flexible network configurations. Fully Supported by Case Medical

Cloud Based and Cost Effective

-Runs in the cloud with minimal local system requirements
-Designed to work with common USB peripherals
-Hosted on AWS with 99.99% uptime
-Straightforward, low-risk, highly customizable

Designed To Run On Most Platforms

-Windows operating systems
- Linux operating systems including full functionality on the Raspberry Pi
-Upload on desktop, laptop, tablets and smart phones
-Scales to fit screens of all sizes

Flexible Network Configurations

-CaseTrak360 will conform to any network configuration
-Compatible with wired or wireless devices
-Very low bandwidth and speeds required for proper function
-Backwards compatible with legacy networking equipment

Fully Supported By Case Medical

-Case Medical provides tier 3 support for CaseTrak360
-Assistance with implementation at your facility
-Hardware and network configuration recommendations
-Advanced help desk directly connects you to support
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