Contract Information

CaseTrak360 Contract Information

Available as a one-time license fee or through a monthly subscription as SAAS



Decontam Module
Prep and Pack Module
Sterilization Module
Storage Module
Case Cart Staging Module
Real Time Set/Item Tracking
Advanced Reporting
Inventory Management Tools
Employee Management Tools
Manage Multiple Locations
Complete OR Module
OR ByPass Module
*Note: The OR Bypass module provides the ultimate flexibility for the healthcare facility by greatly simplifying the OR module. Choose your preferred configuration. Modularity is built into the system based upon your unique needs.

Optional Modules

Loaner Module

-Tracks the delivery and return of loaner sets in real time
-Provides complete usage history
-Coordinates the receipt of loaners with OR schedule
-Manage vendors contact information for ease of communication

Endoscopy Module

-Traces the life cycle of the device from purchase to use
-Tracks endoscopes in real time to procedure room or patient ID for infection prevention
-Provides instructions and alerts for processing flexible endoscopes to reduce errors
-Establishes out date and hang time for sterility maintenance

Item Module

-Manage durable medical equipment
-Provides an easy to use path for locating items in real time
-Simply scan an item and the location for real time tracking
-Available using barcodes or RFID

Tissue Module

-Manages the delivery, receipt and confirmation of tissue and implants upon arrival
-Identifies storage locations for safe keeping until use
-Tracks the tissue or implant by procedure or patient ID
-Identifies the environmental conditions needed for safe storage and transfer

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