Infection Control

CaseTrak360 for Infection Control

Detailed tracking history. Accurate processing reduces infection risk

Detailed Tracking History

-Provides detailed set information on a dashboard view
-Associates how a set/item was processed with the processing technician
-Tracks set/item to patient with case ID or by OR room locator
-Includes numerous, detailed reports for infection prevention/response

Accurate Processing Reduces Infection Risk

-SPD will process sets/items more efficiently and accurately
-Processing errors with critical items such as endoscopes will be greatly reduced
-Sets/items will be accurately stored
-Built in quality assurance checks included in the software

Barcode Scanning Speeds Up Workflow

CaseTrak360 uses QR codes to track sets/items to machines, storage locations, and to the operating room.
CaseTrak360's unique bar code provides more information including visual representations, than other systems with 1D barcodes
CaseTrak360 is compatible with many makes and models of barcode scanners. Check system requirements below.
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