CaseTrak360 Comes With Support

You will not be alone when you get CaseTrak360. It is backed by a highly skilled support department that will be able to solve IT related problems and answer any technical questions.
Set UpHelp
Set Up
Assistance with set-up and transitioning to CaseTrak360
Help with solving any IT related issues with CaseTrak360
Hardware Recommendations
Hardware Recommendations
Streamline instrument management with increased visibility
Operating System Help
Operating System Help
Troubleshooting for issues on recommended operating systems
Peripheral Recommendations
Peripheral Recommendations
Recommendations on what external peripherals to purchase
CaseTrak360 can be configured to meet your unique needs
Comprehensive Manuals
Comprehensive Manuals
Manuals that will provide a complete education on CaseTrak360
Video Tutorials and Webinars
Video Tutorials and Webinars
Video tutorials and live webinars from experts on the system

Advanced Help Desk for Support

-Interactive, multi tiered  help desk built into this site
-Quickly send support tickets from easy to use form
-Highlight support tickets by setting priority level
-Attach pictures/screenshots/documents to tickets
-Each ticket will start a conversation thread with support personnel
-Fast response times on business days

Other Ways to Get Help

-Links within CaseTrak360 to user manual
-Customer service phone number
-Customer service email address
-Video library of past tutorials and webinars
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