CaseTrak360 Makes Passing Audits Easy

16 Oct

Audits Can Happen Without Warning

Have you ever had The Joint Commission drop in unannounced and have to scramble for the necessary documents? That could have happened to us this past week, had we not utilized the document management features in CaseTrak360. The FDA conducted a surprise audit of Case Medical, but we were prepared. During the pandemic and the flood that followed, going paperless was our best option for managing our operations and organizing our data. The FDA, just like The Joint Commission, has the right to audit on their schedule and not on yours or ours. While conducting the audit, the auditor asks for information on any topic, and it is up to the organization to produce the documentation without delay.
Auditors don't like to wait for any of us to find the paper document or the file tucked away in the database and not easily accessible when they ask for it. If the requested information cannot be produced on time and properly organized, the auditor can issue noncompliance letters, fines, and in extreme cases may even shut down the organization.

We Passed Our Audit with Ease Thanks to Tracking Software

We have applied CaseTrak360 to ourselves and have implemented a state of the art, paperless manufacturing system. Everything is digital, everything is tracked. We can show exactly how a component was manufactured, how, when, where, and who the operator was and how much time it took to do the job. We also have a digital document management system where we store all our data online and in the cloud. This instant access to information means there was no panic when the FDA came to town. We simply had a few meetings to confirm that the information requested was available upon request. Everything was easy to find at a button press.

This Can be Applied To Your Facility With CaseTrak360

CaseTrak360 is your one stop shop to digitize your facility so you can work more efficiently while being perpetually prepared for audits. It can store records indefinitely in the cloud, which can be brought up with a button press. CaseTrak360 digitizes count sheets, preference cards, pick lists, inventory locations, employee certifications, training, maintenance records, and more. Everything in CaseTrak360 is tracked down to the interaction which creates a clear chain of history and accountability; records of any type can be pulled up with immediate access. Managers can quickly pull reports to see a complete history of all their sets and instrumentation. Maintenance records exist for instruments and equipment. Most important, you can go virtually paperless. We know this works because we have utilized these features in our manufacturing plant. Going paperless with digital input and outputs will put an end to filing rooms, and panic whenever The Joint Commission shows up looking for a document previously kept in a log book.

The Power of the Cloud

Not all asset mangement systems are cloud based. Most require local servers that can be hacked. CaseTrak360 is cloud based on AWS, which makes it not only durable, but safe. AWS maintains a 99.95% uptime thanks to a massive, well distributed, multinational server network. This means that so long as a facility has internet, they will have CaseTrak360 available. CaseTrak360 can run on mobile devices, laptops, microcomputers, traditional workstations, and Linux computers. Meaning your facility doesn’t need to commit to a big investment on hardware to install and use CaseTrak360. If the worst should happen, and your local network is infected by a cyber-attack, CaseTrak360 will not be affected. The attackers won’t be able to detect it. Other tracking systems can fall victim to cyber-attacks like Ransomware because they run on local networks. Be safe, cost effective, and have the latest software technology.  Schedule a demo now to learn more.
To schedule a demo, email . Click here to go to the CaseTrak360 assessment form and click here to use the audit tool.


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