Declare Independence from Paper and Doubt

30 Jun

The Hidden Costs of Paper

Paper and pencils are cheap, and everyone knows how to use them. That is likely why so many SPDs still rely on them for their record keeping. This is doubly true if an SPD has older employes, where paper and pencil were the only options decades ago. However, there is a hidden cost to all of that paper, the largest of which becomes apparent whenever anyone needs access to the information that was recorded. Whether a facility is handling an internal records request, an internal audit, or an external audit from the joint commission, finding and processing paper records is not easy. Filing cabinets need to be searched, filing locations need to be cross checked, and employees need to stop their day-to-day tasks to help find everything. This only gets harder with time as records age, employees who know where things are move on, and things get rearranged / reorganized. Try locating any specific paper record from seven years ago or more; it will be quite difficult, if not impossible.

The Environmental Impacts of Paper

Paper also contributes to negative environmental impacts and climate change. Everyone knows about the trees that need to be cut down to create paper products, but what about all of the other carbon in the manufacturing cycle of paper? The machines used to cut down and haul the trees out of the woods all produce carbon. The mill that processes the trees into paper makes use of environmentally toxic chemicals and bleaches. The trucks that deliver the paper to stores and businesses all produce carbon. The energy footprint of the paper industry is absolutely massive, because so much needs to happen to turn a tree into a paper sheet. The more paper that is used, the bigger that footprint becomes.

Declaring Independence from Paper

CaseTrak360 is your one stop shop to get paper out of your SPD. It functions as a completely paperless, self-contained system. It will meet all of your current needs while providing you with features that will improve efficiency and accuracy. CaseTrak360 digitizes count sheets, preference cards, pick lists, inventory management, employee management/training, sterilizer printouts, washer printouts, maintenance records, and more. Everything in CaseTrak360 is tracked down to the interaction which creates a clear chain of history and accountability; records of any type can be pulled up with a button press. Managers can know exactly who has worked on what, the status of their inventory, the status of their machines, and the status of all of the people who work for them. Infection prevention staff can easily identify causes, sets involved with cases of infection, and will be empowered to find resolutions faster. CaseTrak360 is also very easy to use, with a color coded interface, and an in-depth digital training center that makes learning easy.

The Safety of a Digital System

CaseTrak360 is cloud based, which makes it incredibly durable and stable. It can store records indefinitely, which can be brought up with a button click no matter how old they are. This will put an end to dark filing rooms, and panicking whenever the joint commission comes to town and asks for records. The cloud is also safe from local hacks and ransomware. There are plenty of news stories that mention how facilities have been hit by incredibly damaging ransomware attacks where local systems are damaged or go down. Being cloud based, CaseTrak360 is not a local system and will not be affected if such an attack takes place.

The benefits of CaseTrak360 over paper are as numerous as they are significant. No more need for paper, instant access to data no matter how old it is, instant real time knowledge of everything happening in the SPD, and unparalleled safety from the cloud. Declare independence from paper and schedule a demo with us today.


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